Reliable supply of water at static, high-lying taps. Fluctuating water consumption in different types of buildings, such as schools, hospitals or hotels, requires flexible systems that meet individual demands. With Grundfos pressure boosting systems, you can ensure that water will be supplied reliably.

Akel capitalizes on its extensive industrial exposure to offer a comprehensive range of pressureboosting systems, gaining reputation as the manufacturer and supplier of world-class waterpressure boosting pumps. The fully automatic features pump water in and out for treatment,within the required pressure range specified. Additionally the system can be chosen as per thedesired speed valves.

All the products are designed to meet the highest specifications and precisely meet even the toughest of pumping package applications.Clients trust us for all their pump needs –be it abasic booster pump for their residence or a high-tech variable speed pumping equipment for industrial use.

    Key features:

  • Available in standard and custom range.
  • Consist of automatic pressure controlled pumps along with pre-charged water in a
    pressure tank.
  • Custom-built systems available for higher water requirements.
  • High fidelity pressure sensors.
  • Easy to install, operate and require not much of maintenance.
  • Useful for both domestic and industrial use.
  • The value of water with more than pumping power!