Akel has established its foothold as the manufacturer of some of the most sophisticated fire fighting systems that include fire extinguishers, automatic water sprinkler system, fire hydrants and hose reel systems. The specialized department of design and engineering houses some of the most talented professionals working on dedicated software to deliver reliable fire-fighting systems that meet international design and safety standards including the standards of the Saudi Arabian Standard Organization (SASO).

We undertake turnkey projects for residential complexes, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, power plants, oil and gas units and others.

    Key Features

  • Provide total fire protection systems.
  • Implement turnkey projects that include design, supply, installation, testing and
  • Quality-centric organization with every product meeting the SASO and other
    international standards.
  • Elaborate market-readiness testing prior to procuring product.
  • Excellent after-sales service, readily available spare parts.
  • Your trusted partner in saving lives and property.