Akel through its dedicated Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing Facility has made commendable progress in the area of design and manufacture of precision irrigation choices that match the needs of each of its customers. To answer to the high demand of center pivot irrigation systems in the Kingdom, we have set up a core team that is solely responsible for the manufacture and assembly of pivot irrigation systems, fertilizer injectors of all types including their spare parts.
Additionally, our customers also look up to us for the manufacture of spray nozzles of all type made of ABS material. We operate under the registered brand name of D-.RAIN.

    Key Features

  • Pivots & Towers galvanized for longevity and designed for specific needs to enhance the

  • High efficiency irrigation of planted areas with immense saving of water and power.
  • Increased mobility with galvanized pipes and flexible connectors.
  • Available in different diameters and lengths for towers.
  • Best choice for low pressure irrigation.
  • Combination of superior technical skills and latest technologies.
  • Our Fertilizer injector provides efficient control of the quality of fertilizers and
  • Increased production, Reduced costs with Intelligent Irrigation