Our Mission

• To uphold and contribute to the economic progress experienced by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian and Gulf regions.
• To leverage our competencies and channel our strengths to meet the growing expectations of our clientele and gain their trust and appreciation .
• To nurture local and regional levels in the right direction to leap ahead of international competition.

Our Vision

We aspire to put our company in a leading position in order to locally manufacture products conformant to international level of quality and standards that shall service the and anchor the company name as a trade-mark for this industry.
We diligently strive to meet the international standards through our offerings in the industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors and aspire to make Akel a global brand.

Our Values

  • • Accomplish leadership position in every line of business
    • Nurture and value human potential to make it an asset for the company and our country
    • Provide exciting career avenues for Saudi nationals
    • Be uncompromising in terms of integrity and ethics
    • Meet up the demands and challenges of the current society while preserving the environment
    • Strict adherence to quality, public health and safety

Mission Vision